Color Fixing Agent BQ-2016
  • Color Fixing Agent BQ-2016
  • Color Fixing Agent BQ-2016

Color Fixing Agent BQ-2016

【Main ingredients】
A formaldehyde-free color fixing agent that can improve the wet fastness, washing
and perspiration fastness of fabrics, and can improve the chlorination water fastness of reactive and direct dye-dyed cotton and its blended fabrics.

1. No-formaldehyde
2. Improve the storage stability of reactive dyes dyed fabrics in hot and humid climates
3. After fixing, it has little effect on the hydrophilic effect of the fabric
4. Concentrated product, the dosage is less than the usual dosage, dilute and use
5. Does not affect the light fastness and feel, and will not cause color change
6. Good compatibility with resin and other finishing agents
7. After multiple washings, the fixing effect does not decrease

【Basic Character】
Components: Aqueous solution of polydiallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride
Ionicity: Non-ionic
Content: 41%-43%
Appearance: Transparent to slightly yellow
Consistency: Viscous liquid
pH(%10) Neutral

Applicable varieties: cellulose and its blends, wool
Applicable process: dyeing
Applicable equipment: finishing equipment
Dissolution method: dissolve in warm water or directly add to the treatment solution
Application temperature: all temperature ranges
Application temperature: all temperature ranges
Stability good stability to weak acids, weak bases and hard water
Compatibility Compatible with most resins and other finishing agents

【Package and Storage】
50/120kg plastic barrel
Storage stability: At least 12 months
Storage and transportation: Thermally stable, the product will change when it is below minus 0 ℃, it can still be used after heating and stirring.
Note: For the handling of accidents and various fires, as well as information about environmental protection, toxicity, transportation, storage, etc., please refer to separate product safety data.

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