Cotton Leveling agent BQ-2154
  • Cotton Leveling agent BQ-2154
  • Cotton Leveling agent BQ-2154

Cotton Leveling agent BQ-2154

[Main ingredients]
A cotton dyeing auxiliary, easily soluble in cold water and hot water, the aqueous
solution is a transparent liquid and does not foam

1. An anti-migration agent for continuous pad dyeing of disperse dyes, reactive dyes and vat dyes on textures such as pure cotton and polyester cotton, hot melt dyeing process and paint dyeing process
2. It can prevent edge and middle chromatic aberration caused by dye migration during the hot melt dyeing and drying process, and defects such as negative and positive sides and streaks
3. It is easy to use, does not stick to the roller, has no effect on the shade, and has a
deepening effect
4. Save dyes, improve the levelness of pad dyeing, and increase the first grade rate of
dyed products
5. It has a complex effect on alkaline earth ions in fabric electrolytes, and prevents metal ions from affecting dye performance and leveling properties
6. It has a stabilizing effect on the PH value and ensures uniform dyeing

[Basic Character]
Composition: Contains organic reducing agent with various additives
Appearance: Colorless to brown transparent liquid
pH value (original solution): 6.0-8.0
Ionicity: Cationic
Content: 35%
Water solubility: good

Applicable varieties: Cellulose and its blends
Dissolution method: dilute with warm water
Product dosage: 2.5-15 g/L

[Package and Storage]
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Storage and transportation: Thermally stable, the product will change when it is below minus 0℃, it can still be used after heating and stirring

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