Dye Fixing Agent BQ-2013
  • Dye Fixing Agent BQ-2013
  • Dye Fixing Agent BQ-2013

Dye Fixing Agent BQ-2013

The product is a high molecular cationic polymer

1. The color-fixing solution has little color fading, which can effectively improve the
color fastness of the dyed product;
2. Effectively improve the color fastness to washing, color fastness to rubbing and
color fastness to perspiration;
3. It has little influence on the shade of dyed fabrics, ensuring the reproducibility of
printing and dyeing processing.

【Basic Character】
Appearance: light yellow to brown liquid
Ionic: cationic
Solid content: 50~53% (105℃, 3 hours)

Color fixture of reactive dyes for dyed textiles

【Usage amount for reference】
The product is concentrated and we suggest to be diluted to 4~6 times before use
(1)Dipping Process: RH-NB-2013 Dilution: 2%~4% (o.w.f)
pH Value: 5.0~7.0
Bath Ratio: 1:6~12
Room Temperature ~45℃ with 20 minutes, then dehydrating, and last drying.

(2)Padding Process: RH-NB-2013 Dilution: 20~40g/L
pH Value: 5.0~7.0
Padding, then drying
Note: The product is strong cationic auxiliaries, avoid using together with anionic

【Package and Storage】
50kg or 120kg plastic drum
Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 months of storage period.

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