Gibberellic Acid 90% TC
  • Gibberellic Acid 90% TC
  • Gibberellic Acid GA3 90% TC
  • Gibberellic Acid GA3 90% TC
  • Gibberellic Acid GA3 90% TC

Gibberellic Acid GA3 90% TC

1, Product Description                                                    

Gibberellic Acid GA3, is a plant hormone in the family of gibberellins, a large class of naturally ocuring tetracyclic diterpene acids which promote cell growth and development. In small concentrations, GA3 is a potent, dihydroxylated gibberellin which commonly used in the triggering of seed germination, stem differentiation and plant maturation.GA3 is widely used to promote the production of larger grape bunches or the induction of other fruit without pollination or seed development.


2, Specification                                                          


Product Name Gibberellic Acid, GA3 90% TC
CAS No. 77-06-5
Appearance White powder
Solubility Ethanol, Acetone


3, Function                                                              

–Increase plant or crop yield.

–Enable greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism.

–Allow the production of bigger leaves, and bigger root system.

–Increase cell growth in stems, leaves and roots.

–Increase flower size.

— help plants suffering nutrient and growth deficiencies.


4, Application                                                            


Crops Application dosage Effects
Tomato 10-50mg/L, spray on flowers Improve fruit setting; produce bigger fruits
Rice 30-40mg/L, foliar spray at stem elongation stage Improve vegetative growth
Potato 0.5-1mg/L, tuber treatment for 30min Improve seed germination; break dormancy
Orange 5-20mg/L, spray on fruits before fruit coloring Prolong fruit storage; delay fruit senescence


5, Package and Storage                                                            

1Kg/Foil Bag, 10Bags/Carton or 25 Kg/ Drum
Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.
Valid Period: 2 years
Transport on no-danger cargoes.

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