Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant
  • Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant
  • Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant
  • Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant
  • Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant

Organosilicon Silicone Surfactant

Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-107

1, Product Description                                                    

Product composition: polyalkeneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane


Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-107 is an organosilicone surfactant with super spreading, wetting, penetrating and adhesion properties.


After mix with agrochemicals, it makes the water surface tension lower down to the 20.5mN/m at the concentration of 0.1%(wt.), it can

  1. Enlarge pesticide spray coverage area on the target, reduce pesticide loss.
  2. Effectively improve pesticide efficacy, reduce pesticide dosage, save water.
  3. It is compatible with most agrochemicals.
  4. It has strongest rainwater wash off resistance(rainfastness).
  5. It is environmental friendly non-toxic to plants.


2, Specification                                                          


Appearance Colourless to light amber liquid
Active content 99.8%
Surface Tension(0.1%) less than 20.5mN/m
Density 1.01-1.03g/cm3
Viscosity(25) 40-60 mPa.s
Solubility Dispersed in water
CAS No. 27306-78-1


3, Usage                                                               


Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-107 can add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticides, bactericides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, etc, especially applied for systemic pharmacy.


Use Method


1) Used of spray mixed in drum


In general, add Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-107(5000 times) 5g in every 20kg spray. If it needs to promote the adsorption of systemic pesticide, increase the function of pesticide or reduce the amount of spray further, it should add the usage amount properly. In general, the amount is as follows:

Pesticide 0.025%-0.1%
Bactericide 0.015%-0.05%
Herbicide 0.025%-0.15%
foliar fertilizer 0.015%-0.1%
Plant growth regulator 0.025%-0.05%



When using, first dissolve the pesticide, add BQ-107 after the uniform mixture of 80% water, then add water to 100% and mix them uniformly. It is advised that when using Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant, the water amount reduced to 1/2 of the normal (suggested) or 2/3, average pesticide usage reduced to 70-80% of the normal. Using the small aperture nozzle will quicken the spray speed.


2) In pesticide formulations


When the product added to the original pesticide, we suggest the amount is 0.5%-8% of the original pesticide. Adjust the PH value of the pesticide

prescription to 6-8. The user should adjust the amount of Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant according to different kinds of pesticide and prescription to reach the most effective and most economical result. Do compatibility tests and stepwise tests before usage.


4, Package                                                              


20L/barrel,200kg/barrel or IBC drum.


5, Storage                                                              


Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.

Valid Period: 2 years

Transport on no-danger cargoes.

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