Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant

Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-108

Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-108 can add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticides, bactericides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, etc, especially applied for systemic pharmacy.

1) Used of spray mixed in drum

In general, add Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant BQ-108(5000 times) 5g in every 20kg spray. If it needs to promote the adsorption of systemic pesticide, increase the function of pesticide or reduce the amount of spray further, it should add the usage amount properly. In general, the amount is as follows:

Pesticide: 0.025%-0.1%
Bactericide: 0.015%-0.05%
Herbicide: 0.025%-0.15%
Foliar fertilizer: 0.015%-0.1%
Plant growth regulator: 0.025%-0.05%

2) In pesticide formulations

When the product added to the original pesticide, we suggest the amount is 0.5%-8% of the original pesticide. Adjust the PH value of the pesticide prescription to 6-8. The user should adjust the amount of Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant according to different kinds of pesticide and prescription to reach the most effective and most economical result. Do compatibility tests and stepwise tests before usage.