Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2110
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2110
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2110

Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2110

 A novel high-temperature leveling agent developed for the characteristics and
requirements of T/C and T/R one-bath dyeing of polyester fibers and their blended
 Excellent dispersibility, dye migration, retardation, levelness, low foam and many
other functions. After dyeing, the product has bright color and positive color, the
final dyeing rate is high, and the color matching is easy;
 This product has very little achromaticity and excellent reproducibility, and can be
used with confidence from light to dark colors.

1.This product is suitable for pigment of all kinds fabrics.
2.Suitable for roller, rotary screen, flat screen, hand printing and stencil printing and
other technology.
3.For cotton, cotton coat, knitwear, terry fabrics and silk products have good

【Basic Character】
Appearance: Brown yellow transparent viscous liquid
Ionic: Anion/non-ion
PH: 5-7
Solid content: 42±1%

【Usage amount for reference】
Polyester degreasing dyeing process reference in the same bath
Degreaser BQ-1115: 0.5-2 g/L
High temperature leveling agent BQ-2110: 0.3-3.0 g/L (adjust according to the
HAc: 0.3-0.5 g/L (pH=3-5)
Disperse dyes: 0.1-8% (omf)
Bath ratio and process conditions: 1:6-10, 130℃×40min

【Package and Storage】
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Keeping in a sealed container at 5~25℃, 6 months of storage period.

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