Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2150
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2150
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2150

Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2150

[Main ingredients]
It is a leveling agent specially used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of polyester, especially ultra-fine denier polyester fabrics. It have low foam, good leveling, retarding and dispersibility, and can exert excellent effects from very light to dark colors.

1.It has excellent level dyeing properties, can effectively adjust the initial dyeing rate of polyester fibers, reduce the instantaneous dyeing properties of dyes, and coordinate the simultaneous dyeing of mixed dyes
2.It has excellent dye migration and penetrating power, which can promote the uniform absorption of dye when the temperature is raised
3.With excellent dispersibility, it can prevent the accumulation of dye particles and crystal growth, promote the diffusion of dye molecules from the surface of the fiber to the inside, and improve the utilization rate of dye
4.It can solubilize dyes and emulsify and disperse oligomers to prevent contamination of the dye vat
5.It has the characteristics of extremely low foaming, which can ensure the flow rate of the pump and has no adverse effect on the cloth speed
6.It has a wide adaptability to the pH of the dye bath, that is, its effectiveness is not affected under alkaline conditions
7.No decolorization, with good dyeing reproducibility
8.It can be used in the same bath with anionic and non-ionic additives
9.No APEO and is an environmentally friendly product

[Basic Character]
Appearance: colorless
Components: Alkyl polyglycol ether with solubilizer
Content: 75%
Ionicity: non-ionic
Consistency: Liquid

Applicable varieties: Polyester and its blended fabric
Applicable process: Dispersion and level dyeing of disperse dyes, dispersion of oligomers
Applicable equipment: High temperature and high pressure jet, overflow dyeing machine, etc.
Dissolution method: Dilute with warm water

[Package and Storage]
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Storage stability: at least 12 months of storage period.
Storage and transportation: Thermally stable, the product will change when it is below minus 0℃, it can still be used after heating and stirring
Note: For the handling of accidents and various fires, as well as information about environmental protection, toxicity, transportation, storage, etc., please refer to separate product safety data

[Guide Formula]
High temperature dyeing BQ-2150 0.5-1.0g/L
Restore cleaning BQ-2150 0.5-1.0g/L

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