Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2155A
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2155A
  • Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2155A

Polyester Leveling agent BQ-2155A

【Main ingredients】
It is especially suitable for polyester dyeing. It has dispersive and level dyeing properties for dyes. It is also effective as a dispersant for oligomers. Dispersant for oligomers in the reduction and cleaning process

1. Can be used for dye bath and reduction cleaning
2. Has excellent dispersion
3. Get level dyeing effect
4. Used together with caustic soda during reduction cleaning will effectively reduce oligomers
5. No APEO

【Basic Character】
Composition: Ethoxy compounds of fatty acids
Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellow liquid
pH value (original solution): 6.0-8.0
Content: 80%
Ionicity: Non-ionic

Applicable varieties: Polyester
Dissolution method: dilute with warm water
Applicable equipment: dipping method, continuous water washing
Applicable process: disperse dye dispersion, level dyeing and oligomer dispersion

【Package and Storage】
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Storage stability: at least 12 months of storage period.
Storage and transportation: Thermally stable, the product will change when it is below minus 0℃, it can still be used after heating and stirring
Note: For the handling of accidents and various fires, as well as information about environmental protection, toxicity, transportation, storage, etc., please refer to separate product safety data

【Guide Formula】
High temperature dyeing BQ-2155A 1.0-2.0g/L
Restore cleaning BQ-2155A 1.0-2.0g/L

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