Potassium humate
  • Potassium humate
  • Potassium humate
  • Potassium humate
  • Potassium humate

Potassium humate

Potassium humate

1, Product Description                                                    

Potassium humate is an organic compound. It is a macromolecular organic substance that exists widely in nature. It is widely used in various fields such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and health, and environmental protection, across dozens of industries. In particular, the promotion of ecological agriculture, pollution-free agricultural production, green food, and pollution-free environmental protection products has made “humic acid” highly praised.


2, Specification                                                          


Appearance black granular or powder
Solubility 90% min (21degree)
Humic acid content ,%(m/m) 60 min.
Potassium (K2O) % 8 min


3, Uses                                                            

It is a high-quality plant stimulant and soil conditioner and can be applied in landscape and garden as well as for agricultural and horticultural plants. It also could stimulate seed germination. With high concentration of humic acid, it could be stored and transported easily. Its solubility is excellent. Could be formulated by different fertilizers and pesticides.

4, Application                                                            

Foliar Application:
Stimulate plant growth (increased biomass production)
Increase yield and improves quality of plants
Improve nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
Improve the effectiveness of pesticides
Soil Application:
Improve the soil structure
Reduce nutrient losses
Improve nutrient uptake by the root system
Promote root development
Increase microbiological activity of soil
Increase capacities of water holding and cation exchange


5, Package and Storage                                                            

25kg drum.
Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.
Valid Period: 2 years
Transport on no-danger cargoes.

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