Scouring Agent BQ-1102
  • Scouring Agent BQ-1102
  • Scouring Agent BQ-1102

Scouring Agent BQ-1102

1.It has excellent emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and penetrating capabilities, which can effectively remove wax and pectin on natural fibers, and can obtain higher whiteness and wool effect when used for cotton scouring and bleaching;
2.Excellent wetting and penetrating performance, auxiliary auxiliaries enter the fabric very quickly, improving the processing efficiency of the dyeing factory;
3.Using low-foaming type raw materials, using at room temperature, less foam and fast defoaming;
4.It is suitable for the intermittent and long car scouring and bleaching process of cotton or cotton blended knitted fabric, and can also be used as a penetrant for dyeing and finishing processes.

【Basic Character】
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Composition: Special surfactant compound
Ionicity: Non-ionic
pH: 6-8
Solid content: 73±1%
Solubility: easy to dissolve in cold water

【Usage amount for reference】
Cotton knitting scouring and bleaching process:
Penetrating scouring agent BQ-1102 0.5-2g/L
Caustic soda(100%) 1-3g/L
Hydrogen peroxide(100%) 1-3g/L
Bath ratio and process conditions 1:8-10, 95-98℃×30-40min

Wetting and penetrating process:(high content, according to the actual situation)
Penetrating scouring agent BQ-1102 0.5-5g/L

【Package and Storage】
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Store on cool and ventilated warehouse, 6 months of storage period.

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