Scouring Degreasing Agent BQ-1207
  • Scouring Degreasing Agent BQ-1207
  • Scouring Degreasing Agent BQ-1207

Scouring Degreasing Agent BQ-1207

●The product has outstanding scouring, penetration and emulsification properties. After the fabric is treated, it has high wool effect, good whiteness and good hand feeling;
●The low-foam structure solves the trouble caused by foam in the continuous, fast, and jet dyeing equipment during low bath ratio scouring and bleaching.
●Low foam, easy to wash, and polyester residue, especially suitable for the pretreatment of cotton wool, gauze, bandage, etc. in cotton sanitary materials.
●Suitable for degreasing, scouring and washing of cotton, chemical fiber and blended
fabrics, as well as pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing processes of chemical fiber and blended fabrics.
●Comply with BULESIGN, REACH and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards.

1. Biodegradable, no phosphorus, no APEO
2. Excellent emulsifying and dispersing ability under neutral, weakly acidic and alkaline conditions
3. It has special effects on dispersing chemical fiber oil and other substances
4. It can prevent oil and other substances from staining the tank and then staining the cloth surface
5. It can eliminate the color spots and stains caused by oil agent and oligomer staining in the same bath degreasing and dyeing process to improve processing quality

【Basic Character】
Composition: Special surfactant compound
Appearance: Colorless-light yellow transparent liquid
pH value: 6-8
Brix: 44±1
Ionic: Non-ionic
Solid content: 49±1%
Solubility: Easy to dissolve in cold water

【Usage amount for reference】
The scouring and bleaching process of cotton knitted fabrics:
Degreaser BQ-1207 0.5-2g/L
Chelating Dispersant BQ-2306 1-2g/L
Caustic soda (solid) 1-3g/L
Hydrogen peroxide (100%) 1-3g/L
Bath ratio and process conditions. 1:8-10, 95-98℃×30-45min
Scouring Degreasing Agent BQ-1207 0.5-1g/L
Wetting penetration and cleaning process
Scouring and degreasing agent BQ-1207 0.5-1g/L

【Package and Storage】
50kg or 120kg, 200kg, 1000kg drum
Keeping in a sealed container at 5~25℃, 6 months of storage period.

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